Renewal Programmes

 1. Fiat retreat conducted by General Animators

2. One day seminar for strengthening in faith

3. Retreat at Divine Retreat Centre

4. Didakke team

5. St. Alphonsa Spirituality course

6. Sacrari prayer

7. Spiritual batch gathering & Night vigil

8. Empowerment programme & batch gathering

9. KERIGMA-Gospelproclamation course

10. Vachanamrutham retreat in the schools,Parishes &     Balikabhavans

11. Reconciliation retreat

12. Diologue orientation course

13. FATRI course

14. Panambu gathering

15. Holy spirit retreat

16. Constitution retreat

17. 40 days retreat

18. Animators programme

19. Abba year prayer group

20. Goal awareness programme

21. Inner cell and Prayer group

22. Intercessory prayer group

23. One day seminar-St.clare spirituality

24. Renewal course &programme

25. Prayer life awareness course

26. Chain rosary &Adoration

27. Franciscan spirituality course                                   


1.   One day seminar for teachers in every year

2.   Annual retreat for teachers

3.   Nursery teachers   conference

4.   Value Education course

5.   Nurses guild

6.   Refreasher course for teachers

7.  Inner healing retreat for the  students                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Spiritual Animation for the Sisters

FCC General Animators Team has formed in order to give the sisters necessary inspiration and encouragement in spiritual life. These animators are trained and equipped at the general level to bring about spiritual awakening in the sisters through renewal programmes and retreats. The animators render their service individually and collectively to the sisters in the spiritual and psychological level in co-operation with the General and Provincial councils. From each Province according to the strength of the members one to four animators are selected who are spiritually and psychologically mature, acceptable and able to do this ministry effectively and faithfully. They are given initial training and formation for three months. These animators are occasionally called in the Mission and in Kerala for evaluation and for further plans.  The General Core Team under the guidance of the Superior General and the General Councillor in-charge plan out renewal programmes suited to the needs of the time, execute and evaluate it.

A group of trained and well prepared animators visited each community and inspired the sisters to a life of holiness, thus sanctify our communities and institutions so that the love of Christ will be more manifested through their edifying and committed life. They stayed with the communities for one week and helped the members to grow in holiness through their life examples, classes and directions etc.

 One retreat within two years is being conducted for all the members of the congregation. These retreats are conducted in Kerala and Mission in India and abroad. The retreats are arranged form the General level. 

The topics for the retreat are:

Franciscan Spirituality, FCC Charism, Church Documents, Apostolic Encyclicals, Exhortations and Letters, Socio-Political-Economic needs and problems, contemporary Ecclesiastical studies and the celebrations of the Year of the Word of God, Year of Youth,  Year of Priests, Year of Faith, Mission Year of the Syro-Malabar Church etc. 

The following retreats are conducted for the members:

40 days retreat

Constitution Retreat

Holy Spirit Retreat

Alphonsa Spirituality Retreat

Charism Retreat

Good Shepherd Retreat

Fiat Retreat

30 days retreat for the Novices in preparation for 1st Profession

40 days retreat for the Junior sisters in preparation for the Final Profession


ALPHONSA GARDEN A Life guidance Programme for Children

The holy life of St. Alphonsa who stood for Eternal values inspires the whole humanity to walk in the path of holiness and firm faith in God. She has succeeded in keeping a heart full of affection to embrace the whole world especially little children.  Sr. Alphonsa, the ordinary young nun with extraordinary inner strength and courage has taught us all that we have the call to become a saint. The life of St. Alphonsa is a sign of the enduring love of the good Lord for the present generation and it will serve as a source of strength till the end of times.

Alphonsa Garden is a life guidance programme which aims at the integral growth and development of the school children. It is functioning very systematically, lively and actively under the guidance of animators through the blessing and grace of St. Alphonsa.  All the schools run by FCC have a unit of Alphonsa Garden which includes children of all age group irrespective of cast or religion. The spirituality of St. Alphonsa which is rooted in the love of God and love of brethren is imparted through this spiritual garden. Alphonsa garden tries to inculcate a culture of love and sacrifice among the students.

At the beginning of every academic year, each unit gather under the leadership of their animators and plan out the activities for the year. In the month of June new members are added to the units.  Prayer to St. Alphonsa is being recited holding lighted candles.

The month of July is a time of joy and enthusiasm among the students. The children prepare for nine days for the Feast of St. Alphonsa by praying Novena. The statue of St. Alphonsa is beautifully decorated during the novena days. The feast of St. Alphonsa is celebrated on 28th July in a graceful and colourful manner. In connection with the Feast verities of programmes and competitions are conducted and prizes are distributed.

Some of the programmes are:

        Alphonsa corner - a class wise competition - the arrangement and decoration of the classrooms

        Drawing competition- picture of St. Alphonsa  or  theme related to St. Alphonsa

        Group music

        Speech competition



        Writing the verses of St. Alphonsa

        St. Alphonsa exhibition

Prayer service based on the life  of St. Alphonsa and procession carrying the relic of St. Alphonsa is being conducted. Every week the members of Alphonsa garden gather for prayer in the chapel or prayer room and also share their experiences. The verses of St. Alphonsa is taught in this prayer meetings. The books based on the spirituality of St. Alphonsa especially Gothampumani will be distributed. Counselling facility is arranged for the students. Children share their testimony, the favours and blessings received through the intercession of St. Alphonsa in the gathering.  To sustain the relationship among the students during holidays and summer vacation  special programmes are allotted to everyone. Children are taught to keep up sanitation and cleanliness in the school campus and premises  and to make use of waste paper and materials to add some collection to the school fund for the poor.

The Nativity of Lord Jesus - Christmas is also celebrated by the children of Alphonsa garden in schools. The members of the garden themselves take initiative to arrange everything. A list of different programmes will be displayed on the notice board in preparation for Christmas. Some outreach programme also conducted by the children. Children are happy to collect some useful materials and visit poor families, orphanages, poor people in the hospitals etc and share the message of love and peace and also put up some programme to entertain them.  It helps them to imbibe the spirit of being with the poor and the marginalised. Before Christmas vacation one day is set apart for Christmas celebration. Various competitions like preparation of crib, star, Christmas cards, Santa clause and carol singing etc are conducted. Christmas message will be delivered and distribute cake, sweets etc. 

At the General level, every year Alphonsa Garden Meet is being conducted for four days inviting children from all over Kerala. 15 students from each province a total number around 200 children participate in the Garden Meet. During the last four years it has been conducted at Aluva, Pala, Changanassery and Bharananganam. Liturgy, Classes, verities of programmes according to the importance and speciality of the year and mutual sharing etc help the students to deepen their faith, a vision of wisdom and sacredness of reality, a capacity of renunciation and purification, an intense moral seriousness and enlighten their knowledge, understanding and co-operation.  Students understand the value of suffering and love for humanity. It is really a platform for healthy collaboration of the children of different parts of Kerala. Children learn to sacrifice their needs for sake of doing good to others with special intentions. Even a child, a devotee of St. Alphonsa from one unit is enough to spread the glow of the spirituality Alphonsa in her surroundings. Through a child we can win the whole family. It is our hope that the intercession of St. Alphonsa will guard and lead us in this endeavour to spread the love of God and humanity. General level competitions also are conducted and Prizes are distributed for the winners and consolation prizes for the participants. The animators are also encouraged and appreciated for their meritorious and selfless services. Aluva Generalate, Pala, Changanassery and Bharananganam  were the  meeting places of previous years.

The real spirit and effective functioning of Alphonsa Garden certainly will help in disseminating the fragrance of her holiness among the children, families, societies and thus bring the whole humanity closer to God, the Eternal Truth. May her inspiring example consumed in love and constant intercession enable the whole universe to bring Peace, Love, Justice and Liberty to everyone through the life witness of thousands of devotees of St. Alphonsa.


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