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Place : Pulpally
Parish: Pulpally
Established Year: 2001
Short Name: Special Sc
Address: Kripalaya Special School Pulpally p o Pulpally
Pin: 673579
Phone: 04936 - 243713



Kripalaya Special School for the children who are differently abled (mentally challenged and autistic), under the patronage of the dedicated and committed service of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS) Mary Matha Province, Mananthavady had its humble beginning in 2001 with 8 children. Over the years the importance of a special school has been properly inculcated into the Society by various awareness and motivational programs and parents counselling, the School has today 117 children enrolled in various years of vocational, educational and rehabilitation programs. Well equipped academic infrastructure, vocational training centre, various other extracurricular activities that equip these children for developing their talents and a mainstream adaptation is organised under the guidance of qualified teachers and a neatly worked out academic curriculum keeping the known standards of education.



Servant of God, Mar Thomas Kurialasseriyil visualized ‘Education for all’ for the uplifting of society. In general, the school believes in the unseen strength of the divine to transform the disability into ability and problem into possibility.


Imbibing the spirit of Jesus Christ who came “To preach Good news to the poor, to proclaim release to the captives, to recover sight to the blind, to set at liberty, those who are oppressed” we open up our inner selves to love and care for the  disabled. So that these least, last and lost of the society can move hand in hand with the ‘abled’ ones.


To train the mentally challenged children in order to develop their                 capabilities and keep them in pace with the mainstream  of the              community.


‘UNTO His Grace By our Love’


4 To enable mentally challenged children to develop self esteem and self confidence.

4 To develop respect and regard for the fellow beings

4 To enable them to reduce behavioral problems and bring about         feasible modifications

4 To develop skills of communication and interaction

4 To explore their potential and grow to their fullness

4 To give them opportunities to practice pre- vocation and             vocational activities with a view to help them earn  their living.

Service Programmes

1. School for mentally challenged children

       The special school          admits around 66            students in the age  group of 4 -35 years.              Students are grouped in to pre-primary, primary, secondary pre-vocational Ist, pre-vocational IInd,vocational and care group levels.

       The curricular activities include self care, communication, functional academic,  socialization, domestic, and vocational skill. Besides these, training is imparted in co-  curricular activities such as sports and games, physical education, yoga, music, band, craft, computer and art. Students also get chance to participate in cultural  competitions as well as in special            Olympics.

2. Psychological services

       Behavioral modification of students, is the main service of the units. It offers guidance and counselling service for students, parents and teachers. Various            remedial, instructional procedures are used to improve the overall quality of performances

3. Special education services

       The main functions of this unit include taking case history,            assessing the current level of functioning in various skill areas, planning appropriate intervention services, giving parental  training etc.

4. Physiotherapy

       Therapeutic progra-mmes are made available for improving their         postures and movements

5. Awareness programmes

       Aiming to improve the work related skills of students, they practice various vocational           activities.

6. Vocational Training

       Training is given to make lotion, greeting cards, paper bags, paper plates, paper glass, bouquets and book binding.  Strenuous efforts are being made to fulfil the dream of a vocational rehabilitation  centre as an extension unit.

7. Staff

       The staff consists of the principal, nine trained teachers, one vocational instructor, specialists for computer, music, painting, paediatrician, social worker, dance, craft, binding, physiotherapist, speech therapist, clinical psychologist, one accountant, one driver, one peon, and five ayahs. Besides, the selfless service of a physician is ever available for our disabled children.

Vocational Training

Kripalaya School is giving more importance for vocational traning. The students are given training for book binding, making paper glass and paper plates, jewellery making, making of muffler, greeting cards, toys and phone mat. We are proud to say that persons from distant places such as Bathery and Kalpetta give orders for the paper plates and glass made by our students for their various functions.we are happy to hear that students of the nearby colleges and schools are using the note books made by the students of Kripalaya school because of its economic price and quality.. These vocational trainings help them for self earning.For the Proper functioning of the Vocational unit and distribution of books to different places we bought a omni van this year.

School Band

Fifteen students of the school trumpet team showcased their excellent performance during the annual celebration of various churches like Kabanigiri , Padichira, Irulam, Amarakkuni, Pulpally, Surabhikavala etc. They were also called to a church at Konoor (Ooty) for their annual celebration and they made a marvelous performance there. They proclaimed that , “ We are not Disabled, but differently Abled.”


                By the grace of God, we are proud to say, that Kripalaya        Special School, Pulpally, Wayanad was honoured as the best Special School in 2010 at state level. Best Special School award was presented to Kripalaya Special School Pulpally, Wayanad on 16th February 2011 by P.C. Chacko (Member of Parliament) at all kerala special school kalotsavu held at Ernakulam.

                The Institute has a highly motivated faculty, good infrastructure and above all a peaceful  atmosphere to  fulfill the  expectations and demands of the present scenario. We look forward for your whole hearted co-operation and generous support in our march towards progress.

For further details, please contact

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Kripalaya Special School for the Mentally Challenged

Pulpally (P.O.) - 673579, Wayanad (Dist.)

Ph: 04936 - 243713

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