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Place : Madras
Short Name: Perumanam
Address: Sisters of the Destitute Christuraja health centre Perumanam, Pavithram- TS Dt.-
Pin: 60680

St, Alphonsa home for children is working in the  very remote area of Tamil Nadu , Perumanam, from 2007. It is functioning very  actively as a boarding aiming at the free education, spiritual, intellectual  and physical uplift of poor girl children of age up to 10 years. As the Tamil  Nadu government is not giving much interest and importance in the women  education, it is only the god’s grace to function properly as boarding &  caring centre for them. This institution is a gift and comfort for the children  of far and near villages. Now there are more than 40 children in the boarding.  The sisters of S.D. are also giving much concentration for the entire growth of  the parish school nearby. One of them is serving as a teacher. L.K.G. and  U.K.G. classes working along with this is a blessing for the villagers. It  helps the kids of these remote villages to build up a strong foundation for  their education. More over a dispensary is functioning along with this. As a  part of the social work we could formulate society for the village women and small  scale savings programs are made active. Now 16 groups of 325 women are working  in 8 villages for the fortification of the society. The sisters of this  institution are also whole heartedly engaged in all the services of this  parish.